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Travel blog where I share my travel tips, advice, and experiences. Hopefully, I encourage and inspire you to follow your dreams, whatever they may be!

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My Travel Adventures

What comes to mind when you think of adventure? Are you on the safe side, into self-care, or do you prefer an adrenaline rush? Mine consists of a mix of massages, hiking, ATV riding, scuba diving, and interacting with animals, but whatever I do trust, I will share my experiences with you.


I have not traveled everywhere, but it’s on my list! Before you start any trip, you need to know where you want to explore. Whether it’s traditional or more modern, the choice is yours. Your options are limitless.

Check out some of the destinations I’ve enjoyed South Asia, the Caribbean, New York City, Hawaii, and more.

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My first solo trip to Bali, Indonesia, was filled with a whirlwind of emotions. Learn how I overcame my fears of traveling alone as a black woman and prepared for an unforgettable experience.

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Interested in partnering, advertising, or taking a solo travel trip. Reach out! I offer personal tips, advice, and encouragement to help you navigate your solo journey.