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Hi there! My name is Rita. I am She. She is Me. 

I took a career break from my position as a public health nutritionist and booked my first solo trip halfway across the world, which changed everything! If you are wondering. Yes, I was very nervous but thought to myself, if not now, then when. At that moment, I contemplated everything and realized there is no perfect time, so I went for it. I am so happy and proud that I did. I love traveling and am excited about sharing my experience with you.

I am always seeking new ways to experience & explore our amazing world. I want to inspire and encourage others to do the same. That’s why I created The World and She, a platform where I share my experiences and tips. Join me on my journey, and let’s discover what the world has to offer!

Why Travel

Dare I say it? It’s good for the soul! And a form of self care. Traveling exposes you to new things (cultures, music, cuisines), broadens your mind, improves your health, and allows you to disconnect and foster new connections. We are made to connect, and traveling does just that. Traveling wherever it may be is an experience that is remembered forever. I share advice, tools, and experiences to help you navigate your journey. Soon, you will have your own story to share. So take a deep breath and get out there! You can thank me later!