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I recently took my first solo trip, and that changed everything! I love traveling and am excited about sharing my upcoming experience with you along the way. I'm always seeking new ways to experience & explore our amazing world. The World and She serve as a source that offers inspiration, encouragement, and information for anyone striving to travel themselves. See you in the sky!

10 items all travelers need

Traveling solo is a great experience! You are preparing to emerge yourself in a new environment and possibly a new culture. The goal is maximum enjoyment. Having items such as a first aid kit, power bank, TSA lock, and more will undoubtedly come in handy. Here is a list of 10 items all solo or… Read More »10 items all travelers need

5 Solo Travel Tips

The thought of traveling solo can seem daunting. Trust me, I know, but overcoming that initial fear can be rewarding. My first solo trip was halfway across the world, and it was the best experience of my life. I am not advising that, but I am saying your trip will be just that an experience.… Read More »5 Solo Travel Tips

My fav travel snacks

Don’t forget the snacks You’ve managed to make it to the airport on time! Whew that was close. But now you hear a noise and feel some in your stomach. You’re hungry? Don’t waste time in line or at a vending machine be smart and pre-pack some snacks. Here are my favorite travel snacks! Dry… Read More »My fav travel snacks