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Away Luggage Review

The Bigger Carry On 


This is not a paid advertisement or review. This is my opinion and review on the Away luggage I purchased with my funds.

At first glance, this may appear like a regular carry-on, but after researching, I learned much more. This suite case is not your standard carry-on in terms of extra room, yet it still meets most airlines’ carry-on guidelines. The dimensions are 22.7 x 14.7 x 9.6 compared to 22 x 14 x 9. Which is great for me! I am kinda an over-packer, and the extra space allows just that… But I am learning pack lite. The beautiful Aqua Bigger carry was a part of the Away’s Serena Williams collection. I just couldn’t let the limited edition item go without me having one. I just had to have it! The suitcase is durable with a lightweight shell, built-in TSA combination lock, interior compression, a laundry bag, 360 spinner wheels, and a 2 USB port charger (which is optional).

The Arrival

The Shipping method took 1-5 business days. Note If you personalized any of your Away purchases, it may take a little longer to arrive.
The wait was finally over! The Away package arrived at my residence in a big teal and black box. It was pretty heavy. After lugging the package up the stairs, I was ready to unbox it.


The suitcase was nestled inside a lightweight cotton cover-up. Inside the suitcase were a luggage tag, a mini instruction booklet on how to set the built-in TSA combination lock, a scuff brush, a laundry bag, an interior mesh divider, and compression straps for holding belongings in place. Lastly, my favorite is a USB charger (optional) under the handle that conveniently pops out when pressed.
The vibrant aqua-blue suitcase looked and felt sleek and very sturdy. The handle extended enough for me to hold it comfortably ( ps I am tall, so that was a plus), and another handle strap on the side of the suitcase for easy baggage carousel pick up. The wheels rolled smoothly, even over my carpet as a test run.


Price: $245 (at the time of purchase, 2021 ). This luggage was a bit pricey compared to other carries-on, but the bag is cute for one, of good quality, and came with a TSA-approved battery, a built-in lock, and extra space. While still meeting most airlines’ carry-on guidelines. Which allowed me to justify my purchase. 

Durability: I have used this suitcase for several trips. Florida, New York, and the longest and furthers this bag has traveled was Hawaii. I overpacked a little on one trip and still managed to squeeze all of my items in. The zipper is solid and sturdy and has yet to falter. The suitcase and the 360 spinner wheels managed well in the airport, on NYC concert, being placed in the overhead bins and tossed in the trunk. The Bigger carry-on handled all of the wear and tear well. 

Quality: The Away Bigger carry-on is of good quality. The shell, zipper, handle, TSA-approved lock, and ejectable battery are seamless. The durable polycarbonate hard shell is lightweight, strong, and flexible, which is needed when traveling. Did I mention its stylish look? 

Fits: The Away website states the Bigger carry-on can hold 6-9 outfits. I have fit several outfits (dresses, shirts, jeans, shorts, swimwear, etc.). At least 2 pairs of shoes (whether hiking boots, skippy’s, swim shoes, or sandals), carry-on hygiene products, and miscellaneous items such as minor accessories, a beach towel, and a foldable backpack or tote bag. 

Final thoughts

Was it worth it? The Bigger carry-on was worth the investment. I received a beautiful, durable bag with a TSA combination lock and a TSA-approved portable charger that I can take out of and use elsewhere and has extra room for outfits or souvenirs and is of good quality. Let’s remember beautiful. I just had to have it. Will I purchase the medium or large Away bag? I am still determining, but I am happy with my Away Bigger carry-on purchase.

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