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Away Luggage Review

The Bigger Carry On  Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement or review. This is my opinion and review on the Away luggage I purchased with my funds. At first glance, this may appear like… Read More »Away Luggage Review


Cruises are a fun way to relax and get some rest. There are plenty of reasons why one would consider taking a cruise—they’re affordable, relaxing, and offer plenty of opportunities for adventure. But what if… Read More »Cruise

USA Trip Ideas

Introduction The United States is a big country, and it’s filled with even bigger opportunities for adventure. With so many places to explore, Listed are some of the most popular US trip ideas.  Florida  Florida… Read More »USA Trip Ideas

5 Solo Travel Tips

The idea of traveling alone may seem overwhelming at first. I understand the feeling, but overcoming this initial fear can be extremely rewarding. My first solo trip took me halfway across the world, and it… Read More »5 Solo Travel Tips