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Oahu (Honolulu), Hawaii, is one of eight main islands. The laid-back island offers a range of excursions from surfing, hiking, snorkeling, watching a luau, and so much more!

How To Get There

Booking a flight or taking a cruise. A flight will get you to the island much quicker and allow you more time to roam the beautiful island. A cruise (availability may vary depending on departure location) will include essentials (meals, beverages, accommodations), planned activities, the opportunity to explore the islands visited, and more. My flight took 9 hours, and there was a 1 hr layover at LAX. 

Season and Weather   

We went to Honolulu during the spring. The climate was cool in the mornings and heated up during the afternoons and evenings. I suggest packing a lite sweater. Hawaii only has two seasons, winter and summer. The islands have tropical weather year-round, so even during the winter season, temperatures rarely drop below 74°F. 

Things To Do

*Things I have done 

  • Oahu Helicopter tour ( amazing)*
  • Boat ride*
  • Snorkeling
  • Go to the Beach*
  • Rent a bike Ride 
  • Rent a paddle* or surfboard 
  • Watch hula performances (Lula) 
  • Visit a farmer’s market*
  • Polynesian Culture Center 
  • Hike Diamond Head*
  • Watch the sun rise or set*
  • Eat shaved ice, a smoothie, or an acai bowl*

Hawaii is enormous, with multiple islands. Venture off and find other activities, such as dolphin watching, swimming with sea turtles, and much more.


Some well-known franchises serve traditional Hawaiian meals such as popular breakfast disk with Portuguese sausage, eggs, and rice. I loved the fresh food, tropical fruits, and acai bowls, which kept me cool and were topped with fresh fruit and granola. Yummy! FYI (grocery store prices are higher than in the U.S. since most of it is imported from the mainland). 

My Experience

I felt like my days were longer, and I woke every day to watch the sunrise. With 5 hr time difference from est, that was no problem. Honolulu, Hawaii, did provide the tropical, laid-back atmosphere I was looking for. Day 1 was calm. I chilled by the pool and toured around on foot. A beach was just a short distance from the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, which was a plus and so relaxing to walk to. Day 2 is when the adventure began and continued from there. I spent time at the beach, visited a local farmer’s market, rented a paddle board, and made sure not to get swept away by the waves. My favorite activities were hiking Diamond Head mountain (my legs were sore for 2 days after that) and the private Oahu helicopter tour (which was a bit terrifying at first but definitely worth it). Hawaii was the refresher I needed. I enjoyed the beauty and peacefulness of the island. 


  • Travel during the low season if you want to cut the cost 
  • Always check the weather before going on tours and excursions 
  • Use reef-safe sunscreen 
  • Bring your own reusable bags or purchase while there single-use plastic bags are banned. 

Would I Return?

Yes, however, I would venture to a different island. 

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