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New York City

New York is culturally diverse and has a list of things to do, from free events, museums, new restaurants, shopping, etc. Visit to see why it’s called the City that never sleeps.

How To Get There 

Plane, Train, Car, and Bus are all ways you can access NY City. All of which I have used. 

Driving allows you to stop as many times and as long as you want along the way, but beware (depending on your departure location), there are several tolls you have to pay to get into New York City, and they can rack up. Be sure to have single dollars and change on hand.

The train and bus are convenient forms of transportation. Both transport systems have scheduled stops. Pack some snacks for the bus or purchase snacks, meals, or beverages on your train ride. The train is more pleasant than the bus. 

The plane is the fastest way to get to the City. Flight times depend on your departure location and stops.

Season and Weather 

I visited New York several times, always during the summer. The summers are hot and humid and have occasional rain showers, which can help cool things down. Going out in the mornings and evenings is much cooler. 

Things To Do 

*Things I have done 

  • Staten Island Ferry 
  • Visit a Museum
  • Attend a Festival or forum*
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • Brooklyn Bridge 
  • Visit Coney Island*
  • Empire State Building 
  • Ice Skating
  • Get a popsicle from the ice cream truck (unlock childhood memories for me)*
  • Visit a Park*
  • The Edge (if you aren’t afraid of heights) 
  • Visit the flea market*
  • View Street Art*
  • Broadway 

To name a few. Trust me; there is always more to do in New York.


There are so many food options available at almost any time of the day in the City. I am sure you heard of New York-style pizza, but sorry, I can’t help you with that. I love the Caribbean food there (doubles, rice and peas, curry, jerk, fried plantain, freshly made bake, and saltfish), and during the summer, you can purchase fresh cocoa nut water from a street vendor. The flavors of NY are so robust and diverse. There are several bakeries, coffee shops (cafes), street food vendors, and rooftop experiences. Cuisines including Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and so much more to explore. I am sure you will find something you like to eat in NYC.

My Experience 

I love Brooklyn, New York, in the summer. Not only do I spend time with my loved ones. I like the fact that almost everything is within walking distance. Last summer, nearly every morning while there, I walked to a local bakery for freshly made saltfish and bake. One of my favs. I’ve been to Coney Island, which is a cute amusement park (I can’t remember if I won a price), attended a free forum (which was terrific), seen lots of street art, eaten at plenty of eateries (shout out to Hibiscus brew cafe) and even went to a party or two with my sisters. There are so many festivals, parties, and events going on during the summertime. Mostly everyone there has an I mind mine; you mind your’s attitude. It’s the culture there. Summers in Brooklyn are nostalgic to me. I love the ambiance, the food, the activities, and, most importantly, my family. With them, it’s never a dull moment. I have yet to visit during the winter. I have to prepare myself for that type of cold weather, but I look forward to exploring the City in the winter, seeing all the lights, and going ice skating.


  • Time Out is a great website for locals and tourists to see what is new to do in the City.
  • Know where you are going if you take public transportation, and be mindful of rush hour.
  • Use the restroom before leaving your lodging area or at a restaurant you purchase from. Finding a free accessible public bathroom can be difficult.
  • Use bank ATMs (FYI, some local restaurants and other places only accept cash) 
  • Pack for the season and some walking shoes.

Would I Return? 

Most definitely! I am always interested to see what’s new and going on in the City. 

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