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Bali, Indonesia, also known as the Land of the Gods, is full of culture, warm people, scenic views, and activities to suit any traveler.

How To Get There 

Bali, Indonesia, is an island that can only be accessed by plane. Depending on your home base location, flight hours will vary. My flight from Hartsfield Jackson was 28 hrs. You will have long and short hauls during your flight, so I suggest you walk around when you aren’t on the plane and get up every few hours to go to the bathroom and stretch a little. 

Season and Weather

I explored several parts of Bali during the summer, which is the dry season for the island. Mornings were warm; the heat was blistering during peak times, and it mellowed out again in the evening. I was sure to stay hydrated. Rain showers were random yet short. There are two seasons in Bali a wet season, where the island experiences a lot of rainfall, and a dry season when rain is very sparse. 

Things To Do 

*Things I have done 

  • Visit the Ubud market*
  • Go to the beach*
  • ATV riding*
  • Watch a Traditional Show*
  • Go to a temple*
  • Cooking Class*
  • Visit the Holy Water Temple*
  • Visit the Elephant Safari*
  • Take a Day trip*
  • Tours ( famous coffee tour)*
  • Watch the sunset at Tana Lot*
  • Campuhan Ridge Walk *
  • Book a photoshoot (memories that will last forever)*
  • Schedule a massage*
  • Take an all-famous Flower Bath*
  • Visit the Monkey Forest (if you’re interested)*

Honestly, I don’t know if I named everything I did. But that goes to show you that there is so much to do in Bali. 


I ate locally and from the villa and resort I was staying at. The food in Bali was fantastic. I got a feel for the culture not only through my experience but also through the food. Food portions are smaller than in the U.S., but the flavor is oh-so-amazing. The fresh ingredients, the smell, and the presentation were outstanding. Just a head up, rice is a cultural dish, so it is often available at every meal and even as a dessert. Other eateries served various types of foods, and there were even some franchise restaurants available. 

My Experience 

Where do I start? It took me about 2-3 days to become fully accumulated to the time difference. The time difference between the U.S. and South Asia is 12 hrs. After that, I was ready and excited to explore more for longer. I stayed in 3 areas in Bali and experienced 3 different lodging types while there. Ketut’s Place Villa in Ubud, Sultans Of Swell hostel in Uluwatu, and The Patra Bali Resort & Villa in Kuta. Each had its unique feel. More on that in the Planning a trip to Bali Indonesia blog. I did a lot of activities and excursions. My favorites were The elephant safari, the Nusa Penida Day trip, shopping in the Ubud market, and the traditional Balinese cooking class. It felt liberating to travel there solo. The people were friendly, the food was fresh, and there were many activities. My first solo experience in Bali, Indonesia, is unforgettable. 


  • Pack insect repellent or purchase it while (I did not experience any insect bites, but to be on the safe side, pack it)  
  • Always have some extra cash (Not all in the same place) for tips 
  • Keep water or a refillable bottle with you always (Bali can get hot)
  • Pack snacks to hold you for long tours. Sunscreen and a mini towel
  • Use the Klook website to find activities 
  • Be sure to check excursion details to help you prepare for the activity
  • Do Not Drink the tap water 
  • Know your taxi ride rate before going to your destination or book on a ride-sharing app. You can find resources on the accommodations page. 
  • Pack snacks for your flight. Meals are provided, but they are spaced out. Bring snacks to hold you over until. 

Would I Return?

Hands down! I loved. This is my favorite travel experience thus far. I had the Bali blues upon returning to the states. P.S. Bali blues is a term I made up (a funky feeling of being away from Bali’s beauty, adventure, and peacefulness). 

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