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Planning A Trip to Bali Indonesia

Ahh, Bali, Indonesia, also known as the Land of the Gods. From my experience Bali was beautiful, peaceful, and a safe destination. The safety of Bali allowed me to feel liberated while traveling solo. 🙂 Ready to plan your trip to Bali? Let’s get into the details: locations visited, lodging accommodations, excursions, and adventures. I stayed in 3 different parts of Bali. In Ubud, Uluwatu, and Kuta experienced 3 different lodging styles

Location, Location, Location

When traveling to Bali, research what ambiance you wish to experience. Are you going for a spiritual retreat, wildlife adventure, tradition and culture, relaxation, sightseeing, or nightlife? The choice is yours! 

Ubud is a bustling town, full of culture, traditional performances, the Ubud art market, and let’s not forget the lush rice fields, the famous Bali swing, breathtaking waterfalls, the culture center, and many temples, religious locations, and so much. If you are looking for a mix of scenes, this is your place. 

Uluwatu is known for its white sand beaches, blue waves, beautiful clifftop views, and activities such as surfing and surfing lessons and upscale beach clubs. While there, make sure you catch the timeless Kecak Fire Dance. 

Kuta is most famous for its resorts, gorgeous sunsets, nightlife, and Kuta Beach. This should not be your top pick if you are interested in tradition, peace, and quiet. This hotspot hosts many tourists yearly, with multiple malls, museums, and lounges to dance the night away. Here’s a plus it is close to the airport, which is great for beginning or ending a trip. 

Where to stay

There are many parts of Bali that you can visit as well as many different lodging styles to explore. Depending on your budget, the vibe you are seeking, and what you are interested in experiencing. Research what comfort items you want or can go without. 

Budget Friendly: Sultans Of Swell Bali Hostel (Location Uluwatu). The hostel offers an inexpensive stay. Interested in motorbike rental? They have an air condition unit in every room, an itinerary for activities to do around free WIFI, and both shared and single rooms. The staff does speak English. If you have never experienced a hostel, I suggest researching before booking.

Midrange: Ketut’s place (Location Ubud). My favorite. Ketut’s place is beautiful. The property has big room windows to easily see the property and surrounding area, a restaurant, bar, spa area, motorbike rentals, and a beautiful infinity pool. I loved my stay at Ketut’s place. The staff was very friendly and awaited my request. If you are interested in a midrange stay central to many of the experiences Bali has to offer, check this place out! Tell them Rita sent you.

Lux: Patra Bali Resort (Location Kuta). This resort has all you need: a room or a villa, beautiful views, a restaurant, a gym, a gorgeous pool, and, let’s not forget, the beach a few feet from the property. Did I mention cable TV with limited channels and a babysitting area? The stay is upscale, and you will definitely feel like it when you enter the beautiful lobby.

Excursions and adventure

Cooking Class (Ubud) Bumbu Bali Cooking Class

Personal Photographer Tour(Ubud) Waterfall, Coffee tour, Tegallalang Rice Terrace and Bali swing, and Monkey Forest

ATV riding (Ubud) Bali ATV Ride and Ubud Tour

Day Tour (Ubud) Elephant Safari Park & Lodge Bali , Pura Tirta Empul – Holy Water Temple, and Flower bath at Kaveri Spa at The Udaya

Traditional Dance show: (Ubud) Legong and Barong Waksirsa Dance 

Walking trail: (Ubud) Campuhan Ridge Walk

Nusa Penda Day Trip Snorkeling and Sightseeing 

Tanha Lot Sunset tour (Tabanan )

Kecak Fire Dance (Uluwatu)

I know there are so many things to do in Bali. The list above is the activities and excursions I experience while in Bali. Feel free to do your own research and check out a hotel or vacation rental website tour. Think about what you would like to do, and go for it!

Tip: Klook is a great website to find tours in South Asia. Take extra cash (small bills). You may have to pay for something that is not included or tip someone; having extra money on hand can save you time. Pack snacks and a bottle of water. Nothing is worse than being thirsty or dehydrated while abroad.

Getting around

It is relatively easy to find a driver on the streets of Bali for a “special price,” lol, which locals will try to entice you with, but I will warn you that prices may vary. Check out the tips below to combat unwanted negotiating, guilt from negotiating, and how to limit price checks.

Hotel /Accommodation Driver Some hotels provide driving services with set prices that can be paid for before/after services or added to your tab and can be paid during checkout. 

Apps Such as Gojeck and Grab have ride options for a car or motorbike. All prices are set and can be paid through the app, which is super convenient, or you can pay in cash.

Motorbike If you feel comfortable and can operate a motorbike, you can simply ask your hotel, hostel or find a nearby rental shop. (PLS, do not make the mistake I did and try to drive a motorbike without knowing how). Just to save yourself from any confusion, take a picture of your motorbike before a ride to avoid any possible damage complaints, and make sure you wear a helmet. 


Lastly, enjoy the experience while in Bali, Indonesia. Research your location, accommodations, activities, and ride options. Take plenty of videos and pictures. Even if you feel they aren’t social media-worthy, the footage is for your personal archive. Trust me. You will thank me later! Viewing an old picture can bring back the feeling of adventure and joy, even for a moment. For more on my experience and tips, check out South Asia blog in the Destination section. As always, Safe Travels! 

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