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Flights and Planning


Always search for flights in incognito or private browsing mode to see the lowest prices.

Skyscanner is a third-party website and convenient app known for having low flight prices. I suggest only flying with a carry-on or personal item to limit extra fees. Check the airline’s luggage policy.

Tip: What to know a secret, booking a one-way ticket can sometimes be less costly than booking a round trip ticket. You can do the same thing for your flight back. Book ahead of time to be safe or be daring and secure while on vacation. The choice is yours. 

Check this out: Go to the Skyscanner website or app 1. Click the “one-way” button, 2. Enter your departure city 3. For destination, click the To box and select “everywhere.” You can add a specific date. Choose “whole month” or “anytime” to compare flight prices across the dates or month(s) selected. Doing this allows you to see what dates are the least expensive. If you want the best price, look for the green $ prices. Of course, you can do the same for a round-trip ticket. 

Going formerly known as Scot’s Cheap Flights delivers flight deals to your inbox. You can use the platform as a limited member, which allows access to limited flight deals. Filter your search by adding your departure airport, and there you go! Want access to more deals? You can become a premium or elite member, which allows you to choose which deal type and fare classes you want. 

Google Flights is a one-stop shop providing access to inexpensive flights not listed on other third-party vacation sites. The site makes it easy to compare competitive flights. You can also enter the number of bags, stops, preferred airline, price range, and other filters to find the best deal.  

Google Flights also has flexible date options (Ex: All, Weekend, 1 or 2 weeks, and whole month). If you are not ready to book a flight, you can use the “Track prices” feature, which will display prices based on specific flights, routes, and dates. You can also share your trip details with someone through the website. ( I used this feature for my first solo trip; it was a great way to keep my loved ones updated with flight information.)  

Tip: You can set up fare alerts. The site will notify you when flight prices for the destination selected decrease. 

Check this out: On the Google flight website, 1. Choose the trip you want to share 2. Click the share button 3. To email your itinerary, click on “Email reservation details” 4. You’re done! Google Flights will email your itinerary to selected persons. 

General Flight Tips

  •  Leaving from a large airport can help you snag a lower ticket price. If it is manageable to commute to, change your departure location.
  • Try to be flexible with your date(s) for the best deals and remember your comfort needs. Traveling for an extended time with multiple connecting flights isn’t worth saving $50 if you experience prolonged discomfort. Again, the choice is yours
  • Sign up for frequent flyer programs and airline newsletters to receive current promotions and travel deals. 

Planning and Researching 

Google is a great platform to research the best times to visit your desired destination. The expected weather during that period ( Ex: Dry or Rainy season), the native language, religion, culture norms, time difference, currency, if a visa is required, and if so, visa validity and more.

Lonely Planet is a website that can provide details for almost any destination on the planet. You can explore your desired destination, the latest stories, top attractions, and famous places nearby (with images), and it also offers a planning toolkit. Type in your vacation destination in the search bar. If you need help deciding where to go, click the We’ve got your back link on the site.

Tripadvisor offers travel advice, stories, tips, and guides to explore your next destination. In addition to reviews, which can help you decide if an activity, stay, or dining experience is worth it.

Tourism Board Websites are a great way to find information directly from your desired destination. These official organizations actively promote and encourage people to visit, providing details about travel, places of interest, events, accommodation, and more. 

General Planning and Research Tips: 

  •  Researching and planning trips can save you time and money, no matter your vacation type. 
  • Traveling during the low/ shoulder season often leads to reduced prices for lodging, transportation, activities, and fewer crowds.
  • In certain countries, it’s advisable to avoid consuming local tap water; for that reason, research your desired destination beforehand. Opting for bottled or bagged water can help prevent illness while traveling abroad. To stay hydrated, you can pack an empty water bottle and fill it with safe drinking water throughout your trip.