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Orlando, Florida, is known for its mild weather, palm trees, relaxed vibe, many amusement parks and let’s not forget, the beaches.

How To Get There 

Depending on your location, you can get to the Sunshine State by plane, train, bus, or car.

Flying is the quickest way to reach Flordia. From Atlanta, a flight can take about 1hr and 30 mins, depending on the airline and the number of stops.        

Driving to Florida can be fun, depending on your ride company or what you decide to listen to. It’s also a great way to sightsee before getting to the destination. There are tolls to get into Florida, so keep singles and change in the car. Please Do Not Ride in the Sunpass lane unless you have or purchase a pass. 

Season and Weather

I visited Florida multiple times all in the spring, and the weather has always been fairly mild. Rain showers were random, sometimes lasting a couple of hours, but the next day was usually warm, bright, and sunny. There were some cool mornings and evenings. I suggest packing a lite sweater, just in case. 

Florida is said to have only 2 season a dry and a rainy season. Orlando is generally warm year around and rainy season is from May to October. Though Orlando had not been directly affected in several decades hurricane season in Flordia is from June to late November.

Things To Do

*Things I have done 

  • Rent a bike 
  • Go to the playground 
  • Mini golf *
  • Chill poolside*
  • Padel boat rental* 
  • Water Park
  • Boat rental*
  • Go to the free movie theater 
  • Go to the beach*
  • Visit the game room*
  • Visit Disney World*
  • Orlando Studios*

On the resort, there were plenty of things to do but trust me. There are so many other activities to do outside of the (Westgate) resort in Flordia. 


There were also several dining areas on the resort, including Drafts sports bar and grill, MarketPlace, and Deli. The food was good and very satisfying. 

My Experience

Last Spring, we stayed at the Westgate Lake Resort & Spa in Orlando. The resort had several onsite activities, including a movie theater (which showed Disney movies free of charge). My family and I chilled by the pool most of the time, which is always fun, played mini golf, rented a padel boat, and played a few games in the arcade. My kids (what I call nephews and nieces) especially enjoyed the ice cream polar. I took some time and explored the resort by myself by taking a nice relaxing walk. While there, we did experience rain showers, but the next day was sunny and bright. The day we went to Disney World, I was just as excited as the kids. My favorite rides were Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Of course, we ate some mouse-shaped foods. I think this is my favorite family vacation memory thus far. I always enjoy the calm atmosphere of Florida and can’t wait to explore other parts of Florida.


  • Avoid traveling during hurricane season
  • Pack sun protective gear (shades, hats, and reef-safe sunscreen)
  • Take a lite raincoat and a sweater

Would I Return? 

Yes, I love the relaxed atmosphere of Florida.

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